Marketing Intelligence Solution Company

At Vantage Co., Ltd is Bangkok base company that offer wide array of customized marketing information services. Some of the key
services are Quantitative and Qualitative Marketing Research, Customized and Ready-To-Use Marketing Research Solution,  Customer Database and Big Data Analytic and Marketing Consultancy.

The company is a decade old and operating in many countries in SEA regions with over 60+ full time staffs, serving many market leaders across over 15 sectors.

Our Expertise Marketing communication
We have honed our branding experiences to help our client better communicate to their target market. The branding topics range from....

  • Brand value identification
  • Brand personification
  • Brand correspondence map
  • Brand association mapping
  • Brand positioning map
  • Brand awareness tracking
  • We have invented creative tools to help you evaluate your commnication campaign both pre and post launch. For more information, please contact our Client service team.