Marketing Intelligence Solution Company

At Vantage Co., Ltd is Bangkok base company that offer wide array of customized marketing information services. Some of the key
services are Quantitative and Qualitative Marketing Research, Customized and Ready-To-Use Marketing Research Solution,  Customer Database and Big Data Analytic and Marketing Consultancy.

The company is a decade old and operating in many countries in SEA regions with over 60+ full time staffs, serving many market leaders across over 15 sectors.

Our Expertise Service quality (CSI)
One of At Vantage's most powerful tool that can help client manage project either online or offline regarding satisfaction is a 'Customer Satisfaction Performance Tracking System'.

Empowering with our well-designed satisfaction measurement 'Eleven point Scale', At Vantage can provide you better and more comprehensive interpretation of customer evaluation on satisfaction towards the certain topics.

Upon your preference and requirement, we offer multiple solutions to make your satisfaction project run much more efficiently.