About Us

In 2004, At Vantage Co., Ltd. was founded as a market research company, started from in-person paper-based questionnaires and focus-group research to gain consumer insights.


Marketing research continuously evolves with the assistance of technology. At Vantage founded our own software development team in 2008. Our first customer platform was implemented for a top motorcycle manufacturer in Thailand.

We transformed our data collection process to the digital platform in 2009 and founded Bizcuit, our own tech unit in 2012 to develop “on-shelf” survey and report packages. Later, Bizcuit Data and Research Solution Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2015 as an affiliated company.

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bizcuit text power

Fast forwarding a few years, Bizcuit started the development of Text Power -its own Thai text analytics with Natural Language Processing (NLP), an AI technology to process and analyze human language.

Combining Bizcuit Text Power with At Vantage’s business experience, At Vantage today offers Fullloop CX, the customer experience management software for our client.


At Vantage has partnered with NICE (Nasdaq:NICE), an Israeli company specializing in data analytics and data security since 2016. We have successfully implemented NICE Satmetrix -the enterprise grade customer experience management platform and NICE Nexidia -the world best neural phonetic system, enabling businesses in Thailand to make a leap forward.


At Vantage is now a client-focused firm dedicated to solving your business problems with technologically advanced tools.

Our products and services include

– Experience Management Software

– Data Analytics Services

– Online Research and Business Consultancy.