Text Analytics : Bizcuit Text Power

No.1 Thai text analytics with AI Technology


For years, At Vantage with Bizcuit -our affiliated tech firm have developed and applied Natural Language Processing (NLP), an AI technology which makes use of human language by computers to commercial solutions for our At Vantage customers.


We train the model to learn everyday-Thai language as Thai people do. The machine analyzes sentiments of the content, categorizes the meanings by context, and interacts with human users.


The 44 distinct alphabets and 32 vowels in Thai are not Latin letters, making it difficult to conduct text analytics. Furthermore, Thai people rarely construct grammatically correct sentences in everyday language. Thais omit some words as partial sentences are still understood among people, making Thai text analytics even more challenging.

AI that understands Thai customers

We are proud to announce that Bizcuit Text Power is the best-in-class Thai text analytics engine. It can understand common typographical errors without vowels, while other engines cannot. 

Our Text Power can categorize words and metaphors into over 500+ classifications across 10+ business domains with more than 75% accuracy rate. The machines relentlessly learns and improves on from large operational data generated by local enterprises.