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Discover the fortune that lies hidden in your call center.


“We pay for our call center to take the blame from unhappy customers, definitely a cost center,” said managers.

A telecom service provider wondered why the number of incoming roaming calls from their toll-free numbers were high. They received too many calls that cost them a lot of money.


At Vantage implemented NICE Nexidia, an omnichannel customer interaction solution with a world-class contact center analytics technology, to this customer’s call center.

NICE Nexidia listens to all incoming calls, flags the portion of the call we query, and analyzes sentiments, pitch and tone, including silences during conversations. It helps customer service team prioritize and efficiently respond to the calls.

Each customer feedback reflects on the performance of each personnel. The solution identifies each agent’s strength and areas of improvement.


The telecom service provider found that many customers had to call multiple times because of the lack of first call resolutions.

Now with our solution, the provider receives fewer incoming calls resulting in fewer roaming costs and improvement in customer satisfaction.