Customer service

They will complain
The mistakes we make against our customers


A customer who couldn’t find a variety of lemon in our supermarket complained. Customers who couldn’t find parking space complained. Customers who asked our staff but didn’t get what they want complained. Customers always complain. What should we do?” A client with a thousand of store branches asked us.


At Vantage integrated Fullloop CX, our customer experience management software with built-in Thai text analytics with their POS system. Customers comment about their shopping experience on our online platform via QR code printed on the receipt.

The system takes all the comments in real time and automatically separates them into negative or positive comments. The system sends out alerts to the customer service team with the details of negative responses and customer information so they can manage customers’ experience in a timely manner.

Customer services receive the alerts, take care of and close the cases according to the service level, all as planned.


Branch managers monitor Fullloop CX to see if their customer service personnel are performing their best to turn unhappy customers into happy ones. Managers at the headquarters can monitor customer experience of every branch and all are under controlled.