Customer survey

Costly and outdated
What if AI technology can reduce cost and increase revenue at the same time?


A hypermarket chain conducted a traditional customer satisfaction survey of 10,000 respondents every 6 month. This research costs millions of Thai Baht each year but results were outdated and complaints were detected months later. Client simply could not fix issues on time.


At Vantage deployed Fullloop CX, our AI-powered customer experience management software with built-in Thai text analytics for the client. The platform generates a unique QR code on millions of store receipts everyday at every store location.

Each day around 150,000 customers scan the QR code and comment on their shopping experience on Fullloop CX.

Our system automatically analyzes and classifies positive, neutral and negative feedback to identify unhappy customers in real time. This gives the branch managers all valuable insights with a fighting chance to win back all lost opportunities.


Fullloop CX becomes a top priority. Everyday branch managers use Fullloop CX to check for unhappy cases and see what needs to be done.

The hypermarket chain recovered from -15% same-store sales to +7% growth, and the sales numbers remain positive throughout the year after platform adoption.