Experience Management Software

How much is “bad customer experience” costing your company?  

We found that 1-2% of dissatisfied customers costs a medium-sized company with 14.4 million baht per year.

A small restaurant had to close their business because a dissatisfied customer posted her unhappy story online and it went viral.

The President of a large conglomerate had to call for a press conference to respond to a customer dissatisfaction that upset the public.

The negative impact is different for each company, but it’s definitely not something we should ignore.

We believe that customer experience management is the most sustainable way to great financial performance.

At Vantage can provide technologically advanced tools to improve your customer experience.

We can migrate your data collection to the digital platform and transform your customer opinions into valuable assets.

With our AI built-in technology, you have access to real time data which allows you to respond to customer needs faster while  reducing the costs from the slow and old procedures along the way. Don’t wait, time files. Please call us to find out more.

What to use?

At Vantage offers two main experience management software.

One is Fullloop, our own experience management software, equipped with No.1 Thai text analytics – an AI that understands Thai customers.
We have implemented Fullloop to companies of all shapes and sizes, from small operations to large chain stores with a thousand branches. All are successful.

Another is NICE Satmetrix, a world-class experience management software for large enterprises that has been adopted by many Fortune 100 companies. It comes with superior self-service controls, so your team can build and manage own customer experience programs as you see fit.

Experience management software - Fullloop

Fulloop Customer Experience Management Software 

With a built-in No.1 AI Thai text analytics

bizcuit text power

Fullloop is a business software with built-in Bizcuit Text Power, No.1 Thai text analytics with an AI technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP) –  making use of human language by computers.

Asset 4

Fullloop CX is a customer experience management software with a full closed-loop customer feedback feature. 

The platform collects real-time customer feedback, analyzes it with AI power, and faces the customers for you. It can make relevant offerings to maintain customer loyalty and collect new lead information by giving tempting incentives.

Fullloop CX combines customer behavioral data and experience data to give your team the ability to up-sell and cross-sell with happy customers to increase revenue.

Smart case management feature on Fullloop alerts customer service team of  dissatisfied customers by sending case information and insights for customer experience management right on the same platform. 

Each customer feedback is connected to purchase records and relevant advertisements, so you can invest in the most effective media for specific target groups. Fullloop CX transforms customer experience, strengthens your business and makes your work much easier.

Not only you can monitor customer experience on Fullloop CX, social experience towards your brand on Fullloop SX, but also  employee engagement with customers on Fullloop EX. Imagine you playing a game with an arsenal full of weapons!

Experience management software – NICE Satmetrix

An Enterprise Grade Customer Experience Management
used by companies in the Fortune 100

At Vantage has partnered with NICE (Nasdaq:NICE), an Israeli company with best-in-class technologies specializing in analytics and data security since 2016.

Introducing NICE Satmetrix, an enterprise grade customer experience (CX) management software that allows you to have full control over your customer experience program with a self-service survey platform, closed loop feedback, and real time dashboard. The software lets you measure, manage and transform your customer experience in a timely manner 

NICE Satmetrix CX software gathers feedback from every channel, combines all data, measures business performance, and gives you a complete customer view, overall and at every touchpoint of their journey. 

With its powerful algorithms and superior self-service controls, your team can build and manage your own customer experience programs at your fingertips.

NICE Satmetrix gets your organization engaged in world-class customer experience as companies in the Fortune 100 do.