Falling sales

Low spending per head
How our client improved their sales revenue in one month


The arrival of digital TV brought many more competitors in home shopping to Thai market. This is the case of a passionate underdog who was losing their market share. They want to increase sales revenue and protect their market share from old and new competitors.


At Vantage installedĀ Fullloop CX, our customer experience management software with built-in Thai text and voice analytics, at every customer touchpoint (call center, retail stores, online website, delivery, and customer service).

The system collected and analyzed all feedback from their customers in real time, resulting in fresh consumer insights and their preferences. As such, sales agents areĀ  able to say what their customers want to hear and offer things they would love to buy.


Customer loyalty significantly improved with 100% increase in upselling revenue after one month of implementation.

In 7 months, our client was able to intercept and retain unhappy customers which resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction which is worth more than 10.7 Million Thai Baht. Fulloop CX was also able to identify and generate 15,700 customer leads from the system for successful upselling.