Lost opportunities

No one at the counter
Leakage that keeps your revenue down.


A salesperson told me that she didn’t meet her sales target because the store traffic was low, the economy was bad, and people were not in the mood for shopping. Moreover, my friend sent photos of our unattended shops to me.” said a CEO with shop counters in department stores around the country.


At Vantage delivered AI camera service with built-in vision analytics that help count the number of people passing each shopfront, stopping at the counter, and being engaged by each salesperson.

The client can check store traffic,  customer’s level of engagement on our real-time dashboard and know exactly the number of unsuccessful sales conversion.

The system automatically notifies managers if their sales staff leave the shops  unattended for longer than a certain time. The managers do not need to watch the camera feed from each branch.


The retailer reduces the number of unengaged customers and generates sales from engaged customers, resulting in an increase in same-store sales growth like never before.

As a result, their growth strategy is shifted from increasing the number of branches to increasing same-store sales. This also helps reduce their expansion costs.