Online advertising

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Are you wasting your money on online advertising?


A retailer with 100 branches began to actively sell luxury products online and spent millions of Baht on digital advertising. No one could tell the return on investment. Sales revenue didn’t seem to increase.


At Vantage deployed Fullloop CX, our AI-powered customer experience management software with built-in Thai text analytics, at all customer touchpoints to gain customer insights.

Fullloop CX media dashboard shows customer responses to both online and offline advertising. Our client can filter and compare media effectiveness results by customer demographics and behavior.

Our client can now create online ads, content to target any specific groups of customers for sales events throughout the year and see the actual return on their advertising investment.


Return on investment of online ad spending is now measurable and quantifiable. Together with full efforts from every channel, their revenue grew 15% last year against the economic slowdown in Thailand.