Online Research and Business Consultancy : Bizcuit Instant Insight

The way marketing research should be done

At Vantage offers fully customizable research solutions to help you discover consumer insights based on your business needs. 

With Bizcuit Instant Insight, you can conduct customer survey with flexible, responsive design and attractive user interface to collect information via mobile phones or any other online mediums. 

Our AI-powered engine can discard irrelevant data,  synchronize relevant data to the database, analyze the data, and present the comprehensive results on the customizable dashboard in real time.

We can work with various types of data and prepare a suitable platform to present the results for you. 

Examples of surveys include

Voice of Customer survey (VOC)

to ask customer opinions to improve your products and services

Brand Lift survey

to measure the impact of your ads

Lead collection

to capture data of your customers that could lead to sales

Our analytics tools can easily handle the answers of many open-ended questions via our Product Evaluation platform, or analyze your employee database with specific Key Performance Indicators and present the results on Employee Engagement platform.   

From the findings of the research, At Vantage can provide business consultancy to help you implement
and develop excellent execution plans toward your goal. 

Our Consumer Panels

Large Groups of Thai Respondents
with Specific Demographics, Ready-to-Use Online

At Vantage has access to consumer panels with large numbers of respondents to represent your target groups in Thailand.

The respondents are pre-qualified, pre-screened and ready to provide relevant and in-depth feedback to answer your questions.

Our panelists live in all regions of Thailand, represent all genders, ages, statuses and  all ranges of personal and household income.Their consumer profiles include online shopping behavior, choices of mobile service providers, payment methods, store memberships and products they purchased


Examples of consumer panels with specific demographics include our Mobile panel with 10 million panelists living in every region of Thailand with all ranges of income, who are always-on and active on social networks.


Our Moms-with-kids panel consists of the decision makers who purchase baby-related products. The panelists share insightful consumer behavior including the brands and products they frequently use, their choices of shops, media consumption, pets they own, down to the banks and financial products they use.


Our Shopper panel is a collection of household grocery shoppers throughout Thailand. The portfolio is carefully balanced by where they shop and the region they live in. 


Our Beauty panel consists of females aged between 15-39 years old who select their own makeup and skincare products, separated by their household income.

At Vantage’s client can quickly and readily connect to our panelists per your selected demographic, track their shopping behavior and learn about their needs and attitudes towards your brand. Call us today to connect with our consumer panels.