Social network

They don’t like my brand
What are they really talking about my brand?


What are people talking about my brand on social media? How bad is it? When I don’t know the problem, I can’t solve it, plus I can’t ask for a budget to solve it.”

“We have social listening function to search for keywords, but we don’t have enough staff to go through all of it. We don’t have time for that.” said a brand manager.


At Vantage installed Fullloop CX+SX, our customer experience + social experience management software with built-in Thai text analytics. Our tools utilize comments people make on social media about their brand, look for relevant topics and comments, discard irrelevant information, and analyze customer sentiments toward the brand.

Fullloop SX allows customers to give feedback after visiting online facebook pages and other community websites. It analyzes sentiments of the comments, open the complaint cases if needed and send negative alerts to the team in real time.


The team learns about what people are talking about their brand on an online dashboard at their fingertips, without wasting their time and efforts on labor work.

They respond to online complaints as soon as they can to limit further damage that might happen to the brand and increase customer satisfaction scores. They put their efforts more efficiently to focus on fixing the issues and building a brand people love.