Trade show

Is it a success?
How our customer killed multiple birds with one stone.


A Thai public enterprise launched a trade show to bring together their potential franchisees and suppliers to discuss their locations, opportunities and to demonstrate their products. Prospective students and employees were also invited to find scholarships and job opportunities, one event.

The organizer wondered if the event was a success and what needs to be improved.


At Vantage delivered AI camera service with built-in vision analytics to analyze VDO images and deployed text analytics to analyze comments from attendees.

The platform shows a number of attendees, daily and hourly, separated by their demographic profiles, types of media consumption and purposes of the visit.

The success of the event was measured with daily satisfaction scores.


The event proved to be a  success with a satisfaction score of above 8.0 out of 10.0.  Attendee comments were classified into several meaningful topics. The lowest score was on a “low number of visitors at their booths”, in which will be the point to improve on the next event.

The management checked for real-time results from a computer in Bangkok, without leaving the room and flying to other cities throughout the events.