VDO Analytics : Bizcuit Vision Analytics

Protection against lost sales opportunities

At Vantage with Bizcuit -its affiliated tech firm have developed VDO Image Recognition, an AI technology, to make computers learn from video and images received from surveillance cameras. It analyzes all the pixels, and determine if the images belong to any categories on the database.

Bizcuit Vision Analytics distinguishes our AI cameras from ordinary CCTV cameras. It detects human signals, objects of desire, demographics, and faces and automatically processes this data to find the answers to your questions. 

Our vision analytics can count the number of people and classify types of people who pass by your storefronts. It can detect their moods, demographics, and tells you how engaged your customers are via an online dashboard.

The potential uses of our AI camera services are limitless. We can remotely configure the AI camera settings to find what you need anytime, without going to the physical locations.

Our vision analytics capabilities include counting and classifying the vehicles that pass by each potential retail site to determine its retail opportunity. Another example is to check store traffic and operation efficiency. The system detects if a salesperson is at the position or leaving the store unattended. The result of daily traffic shows on our customer engagement dashboard which you can access online anytime.